INFOE Studio


INFOE is a new store created by an Illustrator, Traveller, Graffiti Writer, Tattooer and Graphic Designer born in the early 80's in the south of France and start painting from the early 90's.

The Infoe's evolution has been with time and travels around the world. The people he met, the different cultures, the cities, the sounds and the landscapes that greatly inspired and influenced his artistic work.

The brand does not compromise on style and creative engagement, keeping street colors in mind.
You can find a whole range of varied products, artwork, painting, t-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, accessories, goodies and prints of all kinds...

Today this project seeks to offer the best quality of product, both in its originality and in these materials. Offering you a way to identify yourself through a way of life and a message to share, that of the artistic culture of the street which in fact forms only one family.

Thank you for allowing us to bring this great adventure to life


*(If you want to share your ideas and be a part of the project or do a collab don't hesitate to send us a message via the Contact form).

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